Side Projects

Here are some small websites & projects that I've built, usually while livestreaming on Twitch 😉


SRT CSV Parser 💬

Easily parse 1 or more .srt files into a consolidated .csv file, for clean use in SQL databases or elsewhere. The project is open-source on my Github page.

Datiddle 🔠

This is a Wordle clone, but where the word dictionary only contains data & analytics terms. I built it as a little bit of joke, in order to trick Twitch into giving me my own streaming category. The game is still fun to play so give it a try!

Stream-Freehand ✍️

A fork of the project Perfect-Freehand, this is a greenscreened-app where you can draw pressure-sensitive lines. This is ideal for opening on a tablet and then being able to draw, using your finger, OVER your livestream. You can get it set up by following the instructions here.

LurkReveal 👀

Built primarily for Twitch streamers (but can be used by anyone). LurkReveal is a small visual representation of all users connected to your Twitch chat. It uses an official endpoint from Twitch (albeit deprecated) to fetch the different roles. With some CSS magic we can style the users to be more pleasant to look at. Additional features like bot identification, highlighting digital services like StreamElements and other things coming soon make it a natural thing to have open while you're streaming! More information about the project and link to the site are on Github.

StreamBingo 🎲

A game for bringing livestreaming communities endless amounts of fun! StreamBingo is a livestreamer version of bingo primarily designed to be played on Twitch, but could theoretically be used on other platforms too. Some background details and a readme are available on Github. You can even fork the project and create a version for your favourite streamer (or yourself!) like I did for MindsetByDave

ColourBox 🎨

In our streaming community we have joked about people "stealing colours"; specifically around the context of people trying to register colours as NFTs. It's a pretty funny idea, so I built an interactive game that anyone can play while I am streaming by simply using their Channel Points (that you accumulate while watching a streamer on Twitch) to claim a colour of your choice. Now you can finally fulfill your dream of owning a colour!

Cook Eat Recipes 🥘

For my former startup Cook Eat we wanted a way for the community to easily share recipes with each other. Most recipe sites have a ton of bloat and advertising, so I built a no-nonsense recipe site (in German) to get nice recipes, curated by me, my co-founder and closest friends. Definitely one of the most technical projects I have worked on (with a lot of help!). It uses TypeScript and NextJS, with Contentful as a CMS and Algolia for clever search.

JustInNumbers 📊

Part of livestreaming also entails looking at your analytics! As a streamer, I find it incredibly difficult to understand what is happening on my stream as it's running. Therefore, I set out to build the best real-time analytics service for livestreamers, to help them optimise their content while streaming. I also made myself a promise to go beyond simple charts and actually show useful, actionable advice and indicators. It's still a work in progress, but you can look at the project website here (and sign up for the waiting list). Do stop by my streams to see me working on it live!

Yes, this website was also built by me 😜

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