Hi. I'm Matthew Brandt.

I also go by Matty. Or just use my online handle @mattytwoshoes.

I'm a Full-Stack Analyst*

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Who Am I?

Although it may be a philosophical question, here are the facts.


For nearly 10 years I have worked with over 50 companies to create tracking concepts, oversee and work on analytics implementations, build reporting stacks and perform analysis of the data for different business stakeholders. The last 4 years I have been more focused on the SaaS business model and additionally finding ways to operationalise data for different teams. Currently I work for a media company and help stakeholders make better data-fueled decisions.


Having a B.Sc. in International Hospitality Management doesn't have much to do with analytics - but I approach problems with a service and customer-first mentality, which my stakeholders appreciate. I believe learning is lifelong process and therefore my formal education is only a small part of the knowledge and skills I carry.


I consider myself to be more of a generalist than a specialist, all the while operating within the field of data analytics; hence the term Full-Stack Analyst*. All facets of the analytics spectrum excite me, be it concepts and ideation with stakeholders, requirements engineering, writing specifications for technical implementations or code to support data collection, liasing with data scientists to support the creation of data products, drafting queries in SQL to analyse data sets or building reports and dashboards to help people make smarter decisions.

*I cannot take credit for the term itself, which comes from Frederik Werner.


Since December 2020, I have been livestreaming twice a week on Twitch. With my streams, I hope to learn and educate the global community about data & analytics. As formal education opportunities to enter this field are few and far between (and lagging several years behind the current state), I feel like this is a great opportunity to foster a better understanding of data.

I am proud to be part of a lovely streaming community known as The Claw.

1-on-1 Analytics Coaching

You have questions or a specific problem you would like to discuss? Let's jump on a call; I offer 30 minutes of coaching for free. I believe in knowledge-sharing and look forward to hearing from you!